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Invoice Finance Services

Invoice financing is an alternative but popular way of allowing your business to access its working capital, freeing up cash from unpaid invoices.

Essentially, rather than applying for a business loan – where you may not be eligible for the full amount you need and could potentially risk your physical assets – your unpaid invoice is exchanged as a receivable account, in return for an advance on the money you’re due to receive from a client.

Technically speaking, you sell your unpaid invoice at a discount. However, once your invoice has been paid, you will receive the remaining balance minus our lender’s fee.


  • Outstanding invoice worth £20,000
  • 85% advance (£17,000)
  • Agree payment plan
  • Customer pays invoice
  • Lender fees subtracted e.g. 3% (£600)
  • Value remaining = £2400

If you are a future-focused business – whether it be a new company, or a well-established one attempting to restructure – borrowing money using unpaid invoices is an ideal way to boost cash flow so that you can continue to grow sales, especially if you tend to deal with long payment-terms and need to accelerate your payment cycle.

So why choose our invoice financing?

Unlike many of our competitors within the industry, we have the ability to tailor a specific package to meet your needs.

Through our one-to-one approach, we aim to understand your particular business requirements and provide you with a facility that will fulfil your needs.

You can exchange an individual invoice for an advance, rather than an entire ledger. Or, if you would like to receive an outstanding amount that can be covered with multiple invoices, we are able to organise a plan that suits you!

Invoice Factoring

Disclosed facility offering credit control and higher advance amount. Ideal for small businesses.

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Invoice Discounting

Confidential full facility. Manage your own credit and collections. Ideal for high turnovers.

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Bad Debt Protection

Protection from unpaid invoices. Add to either facility. Ideal for small businesses.

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Confidential Factoring

Maintain confidentiality within invoice factoring.

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If you’re ready to discuss your financial needs and requirements, contact us directly to see how we can help.